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<style type="text/css"> #wrap { width:1000px; margin:0 auto; } #left_col { float:left; width:500px; } #right_col { float:right; width:500px; } </style> <div id="wrap"> <h1><center><font face="helvetica">Learn More About PryaDerm.</font></center></h1> <div id="left_col"> <h2><center><font face="helvetica">ONE</font></center></h2> <p> <font face="helvetica" size="5">Start your daily routine by cleaning your face and neck with this refreshing, non-drying mousse made with organic aloe, lavender, amla and revitalizing plant extracts.</font></p> <h3> </h3> <h3> </h3> <h3> </h3> <h2><center><font face="helvetica">TWO</font></center></h2> <p> <font face="helvetica" size="5">Spritz PryaDerm Facial Mist onto clean skin for toning and hydration. This refreshing botanical mist is made with organic aloe, salvia and lavender giving your skin extra nourishment and freshness.</font> </p> <h3> </h3> <h2><center> <p> </p> <p><font face="helvetica">THREE</font></p> </center></h2> <p><font face="helvetica"size="5"> Apply Skin Brightening Day Lotion in the morning after cleansing by gently smoothing onto face and neck. At night, apply Rejuvenating Night Crème after <strong>steps 1</strong> and <strong>2</strong>.</font></p> <h3> </h3> <h2><center> <p> </p> <p><font face="helvetica">FOUR</font></p> </center></h2> <p><font face="helvetica" size="5">Apply PryaDerm Facial Mist and PryaDerm Hand Salve as needed throughout the day to refresh, nourish and rehydrate your skin. </font></p> </div> <div id="right_col"> <img src="" width="210" height="234";><br> <img src="" width="210" height="234";><br> <h3> </h3> <img src="" width="210" height="234";> <img src="" width="210" height="234";><br> <h3> </h3> <img src="" height="234";> </div> </div>