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Lovetuner - Bronze - Ball Chain

Single-tone flute necklace for mindfulness practice

In our fast-paced lives, it’s easy for our mindfulness practice to slip. The Lovetuner is like a mini-meditation for people on the go. The pendant is a single-tone flute that emits the “frequency of love” when played, reducing stress and bringing you to the present moment. A must have for busy mindfulness practitioners, use it anytime, anywhere to align and harmonize your emotional and physical state with your surroundings—especially in times of chaos.

Lovetuner - Bronze - Ball Chain is available for purchase in increments of 1



Co-created in California by designer Sigmar Berg and spiritual lightworker Tim Rohner, the Lovetuner is a simple, yet powerful tool to support your meditation or mindfulness practice. The pendant is a single-tone flute that emits the so-called “frequency of love” when played, reducing stress and bringing you to the present moment.

Sound deeply impacts our minds and bodies, and this tone, also referred to as the “miracle note,” has a powerful peace-invoking effect. Compared to sustaining the vibration of “Om,” the Lovetuner brings calm and reduces stress. Invite love into your life by harmonizing your mind and body with the world around you.

A favorite in Deepak Chopra’s meditation practice, the Lovetuner encourages deep breathing to increase lung capacity and anchor you in the present moment. Try 10-20 rounds of breath to find calm and relaxation, and to heighten your awareness. Use your Lovetuner as often as you wish to discover inner peace and be reminded of the loving energy surrounding you.

Incorporate the Lovetuner into your daily life to:

  • Activate your parasympathetic nervous system for rest and relaxation
  • Reduce stress and muscle tension
  • Increase lung capacity and concentration
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Discover inner peace, love radiating around you, and the present moment

Not only is the Lovetuner the ultimate tool for your meditation or mindfulness practice, but a gorgeous addition to any outfit. Sink into stillness and move through your day tuned into a frequency of calm with the Lovetuner!

The perfect tool for all ages to release stress and practice mindfulness. Wonderful for children and can be used in groups for a deep, resonating effect.

Comes on a 16” ball chain, which can easily be changed if a different chain is preferred.

Pendant dimensions: 1.75" x 0.5 D"

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