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The Chopra center for Wellbeing's 7-day Detox Routine
According to Ayurveda, good health is dependent upon our capability to fully metabolize the nutritional, emotional and sensory information that we ingest. When our digestive energies, known as Agni (fire), are robust, we create healthy tissues, eliminate waste products efficiently and produce a subtle essence called ojas. Ojas, which may be envisioned as the source of our vitality, is the basis for clarity of perception, physical strength, and immunity. On the other hand, if our agnis are weakened, digestion is incomplete. This accumulation of toxic residue is collectively known as ama. Cleansing and detoxifying the body helps build the natural fire within (agni), which naturally burns ama and aids in digestion.

To help detoxify, strengthen the immune system, and increase the production of ojas (vital energy), we suggest performing the following activities for 7 days:

1. Supplement deficiencies in your diet with Women's or Men's Daily Vitality Multivitamin. Harness the powers of all-important nutrients and herbs to boost vitality, and provide yourself with the essential daily vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy mind and body. Taken daily, this supplement can help overcome the effects of fatigue and stress often caused by work overload, lack of exercise, and ingestion of nutrient-poor substances. During the Detox process if you feel especially challenged, you may want to help build up your immune system's strength. To do this add Vedamune to your daily routine and allow its rejuvenating properties to help promote wellness, strengthen the immune system and support the body’s natural defenses.

2. Every morning, perform a self massage (self-Abhy) with herbalized dosha balancing oil. When stimulated through therapeutic touch or massage, the skin releases a pharmacy of healing chemicals that have health-promoting effects on the physiology. In addition to feeling good, regular massage and loving touch detoxifies the body’s tissues, increase circulation, calms the mind, and enhances immune function.


3. Follow your massage with a Neti pot and Ayurnas, a traditional method to purify and revitalize the breathing passages. In addition, this process can reduce allergies and decrease your chances of contracting upper respiratory infections.


4. Take Zrii, Guggulu and Triphala. Amalaki has been used for thousands of years to promote health and longevity. Rich in antioxidants, it has been scientifically proven to have measurable health enhancing benefits including detoxification, improved digestive functioning, and increased immunity.

Guggulu is one of Ayurveda’s most important purifying herbs. It cleanses unhealthy tissues, increases the white blood cell count and rejuvenates the skin. It has traditionally been considered the consummate blood detoxifier useful in any condition characterized by congestion or stagnation.
Triphala, formulated by Ayurvedic physicians thousands of years ago and used by literally billions of people since, is considered the most effective colon tonic by most health care practitioners.

5. Drink 3-4 cups of dosha balancing organic tea per day to help flush the system.

6. Simplify your diet to appropriately cooked vegetables and rice to allow your digestive power to work on cleansing the body.