Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Guidebook

A travel guide for the conscious explorer
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Guidebook is a map for the conscious explorer – a travel guide highlighting the essential landmarks along the journey to wholeness. As we expand our awareness through the practice of yoga, we become more capable of perceiving the richness that life offers.



The primary purpose of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is not to champion a particular style or yogic tradition. Rather, it is to encourage the intention of using yoga to enliven awareness. Therefore, no matter what yoga method you find most appealing (flow, hot, power, restorative, etc.) the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga can add value to your practice. There are seven signature elements presented in this guidebook: 1) A description of the spiritual law of the day 2) Three practices to awaken the spiritual law in your daily life 3) Inspirational words to reinforce the principles of the spiritual law 4) A classical yoga chant to infuse your body and mind with the vibrations of wholeness 5) A featured yoga pose that enlivens the chakra corresponding to the spiritual  law 6) The mantra that clears or opens the chakra that resonates with the spiritual law 7) A sacred poem to instill the principles of the spiritual law into your heart A Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga class integrates all seven elements and sets the tone for the entire day. In this way, the practice of yoga becomes practice for life outside of class – one that expands our sense of self and our capacity to authentically create, connect, and love.

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