SYNERGY Meditation Aromatherapy Blend

100% Pure Grade A Essential Oil

A rich and warm scent in deep blue color that illuminates the profound nature of the essential oils present.




Yarrow is an earthy, hypnotic and deeply grounding essential oil. French Basil opens the heart stimulating profound love for others and Self. Pettigrain focuses the mind in a relaxed way while Sapphire gem elixir promotes understanding to divine purpose. This blend promotes being present in the Now, while ever expanding into the Gap.

Directions: Simply apply a few drops of this blend to the wrists and 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras for an enhanced meditation.

Ingredients: Base Oil - Coconut; Essential Oils - Yarrow, French Basil, Pettigrain, Sapphire Gem Elixir.


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Additional Info

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